Hans Eysenck's Influence On Personality

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Media has a powerful influence on the behaviour and development of many characteristics present in our personalities due to the characters they have a habit of expressing and voicing. The trait perspective suggests distinguishing qualities or characteristics typically belong to one person and enduring physiological characteristics influence their behavior in particular domains . There are cardinal traits where an individual is specifically known for these traits and influence an individual in almost every aspect of life. Central traits are general characteristics that form the foundations of personality and secondary traits are related to attitudes/preferences which appear in certain situations or circumstances . Traits can describe people …show more content…
The Extroversion-Introversion dimension can be applied as Charles exhibits high introversion by basing his actions on the experiences that have occurred in his past; whereas CeCe exhibits high extroversion by focusing on other people and being sociable and outgoing. The Neuroticism-Emotional Stability dimension can be applied as Charles is highly neurotic , resulting in the emotional instability and violent outbursts whereas CeCe is emotionally stable and displays calm, care free emotions to those surrounding her. The Psychoticism-Impulse Control dimension can be applied as Charles displays qualities such as being hostile, non-empathetic, manipulative and troublesome whereas CeCe displays immense impulse control as the character is socialized, empathetic and expresses conventional behaviours …show more content…
Charles is violent and will express violent outbursts if something goes wrong. There are numerous fields to express different traits making it easy to categorize, as a result the consistency and ease of identification makes research designs easier to manage and more reliable.
Basing personalities purely off set traits means that, in all instances of a situation, you should behave the same way, which asks whether one makes their own choices, or whether traits dictate choices in situations. Studies have shown that behaviour and what is defined as ‘personality’ seems to change over time, which contradicts what a trait is meant to be. This may be shown through applying the trait perspective to this character is weakened by the fact, that although aspects of the perspective are present in both personalities, cardinal traits are limited as they don’t exhibit emotions or traits that are similar. Traits are meant to be set and permanent throughout an individual’s lifetime and as personalities change its easier to discredit that idea

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