Essay on Handheld Communications / Data Platform For The Future

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Smartphones have been introduced over a decade ago. Since then, there has been a tremendous amount of improvement to the devices. Such progress has built a long history of the use of communication devices, and a rapid adoption of mobile communication devices that began during the most recent part of the last century. It is said that smartphones will eventually dominate the market of portable devices. In regards of if smartphones will be the handheld communications/data platform for the future, it is a strong possibility that this will be the outcome.
Smartphone usage is rapidly increasing because of the features that they are able to provide for consumers. They are able to run just about any application and their ability to convert more functionality into smaller devices is definitely a plus for consumers who are looking for something more manageable and convenient to carry around. Smartphones are, however, much more mobile and compact than both contemporary cellular phones and personal computers and, despite their relatively slower processors, smartphones are also much more mobile than personal computers and laptops while offering similar software. The smartphone is a phenomenon that will more than likely going to be around for a long time and will rapidly progress in its evolution in the years to come.
Due to the rapid pace of technology evolution, it is a bit challenging to determine what the near future of smartphones would consist of. Technology has been helping us to…

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