Essay on Hamlet 's State Of Mind

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Justifying Hamlet’s State of Mind It is easy for people to judge others on their actions without prior thought. People overlook the situation without providing empathy for the other person and fail to recognize their motives no matter what their intentions are. The epic tragedy Hamlet by William Shakespeare surrounds the protagonist, Hamlet, who is brought upon a series of unfortunate events that lead to the retribution of his father’s killer. Throughout the play, Hamlet can be seen as insane, immoral, and full of vengeance for his malicious intentions. He uses Ophelia as an outlet for his contempt towards his own mother, and cannot escape his own madness to understand the consequences his words have on Ophelia. Although the audience can clearly distinguish his faults and negative qualities, there are moments throughout the play that can prove Hamlet to be an admirable character. Hamlet is not only avenging his beloved father, but is fighting for the honour of the rightful king of Denmark. His harsh words towards Ophelia are only to convince Polonius of his mad love toward the chief counselor’s daughter. In William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, the main protagonist can still be seen as an admirable character through his faults and his misunderstood negative qualities. Hamlet’s love and respect towards his father, King Hamlet, is unforgettable and is quite evident from the very beginning of the play. Everyone in the kingdom moves on so quickly from King Hamlet’s death,…

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