Essay on Halloween Versus Christmas Of The United States

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Halloween versus Christmas in the United States Holidays in the United States have been adapted from cultures all over the world. Each one is a unique from its original form in other countries. For example; in other countries a fox, chicken, or goose delivers eggs on Easter which is different from Americas’ version of “The Easter Bunny”. However there are two holidays that while they seem very different, they share a lot of the same traditions. These are Halloween and Christmas. The history behind Halloween originated in medieval Europe. The Celts celebrated a holiday called Samhain. This was the transition between fall and winter. The night before Samhain, it was believed that ghosts of the dead were able to come to earth because the season change allowed a bridge between the mortal world and the underworld. At the beginning of the night people would place alcohol and food on their door steps, this was to prevent ghosts from entering their homes. Celts would also dress as ghosts and ghouls so they could blend in and not be seen by the ghosts. Hence, the practice of dressing up on October thirty first was started.
Dressing up is a prominent tradition for Halloween. On Halloween children, teenagers, and adults embrace the holiday by dressing up as scary figures, their favorite super heroes, or anything they can think of. People create or buy their costumes for trick-or-treating or attending parties. On Halloween the main food of choice is usually candy for children.…

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