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Bookreport Half Moon Investigations Period 2 by Sam Liemburg A3C

A. Key Facts:
1. The book is titled Half Moon Investigation
2. It's written by Eoin Colffer
3. Detective
4. Crime

B. Characters:
5. The main character is a boy. He is called Fletcher Moon. He has brown hair, no facial hair and normal clothing. Below I have put a picture of a person that looks like him: young adult, brown hair, no facial hair and normal clothing. 6. The character isn´t very old. The only thing I know is that he is at least 12 year. “I'd just turned twelve...”, page number: 1. He may be 12 years old, but he acts like an adult.
7. His father's name is also Fletcher Moon. He allowed his son to use his ID to register for a detective school, because his son was to young. Based on that, I think his father is kind and understands his son.
Red Sharkey is part of the Sharkey family, a stereotype crime family. Red Sharkey has red hair. However, he doesn't want to be part of the crime family
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12. Link to the review:
I disagree with the reviewer on some parts. The first 4 alinea's are about the book itself. The 5th alinea is one I disagree with because he enjoyed the book primarily because the language is written in a classic noir style. I disagree with him, because I primarily enjoyed the book because the plot: it's very interesting and everything changes in the climax. Of course I enjoy the language, but it's not the primary reason for me that I enjoyed reading this book.
I do agree with his review of the characters, he finds them very interesting. I do disagree with his opinion that almost every age can read this book. I think this book shouldn't be read by someone younger then 12 year because it's a detective, and there are crimes in the book. I think that isn't good to read as a child, because childs need focus on learning, not on thinking about the bad things in the world(Crimes). (Words:

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