Essay on Haiti : A Country Of Haiti

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When looking at a map of the world, if you look right under the United States and to the right of Mexico, you will find a small island divided into two countries; one of those countries is the nation of Haiti. Haiti is in the Caribbean Sea attached to the Dominican Republic. Haiti has a hot wet climate and consist of a tropical biome. Haiti’s government is constructed of a Semi-Presidential Republic and the current head of Haiti’s government is their president Michel Joseph Martelly. This island is small in size, but population size exceeds 10 million, but a good portion of the country is under the age of maturity and reproduction. Haiti’s education is falling apart; less than 22% of males and less than 30% of females even make it to secondary school. Most students only attend primary school. Haiti many be lacking in many areas, including environmental areas, but there are few nation and state programs that are for environmental education. There are projects like the NGO, Organization for the Rehabilitation of the Environment (ORE). ORE works to improve the environment and agriculture in Haiti and educates Haiti’s citizens on sustainable living. Haiti is facing many struggles, but they can recover.

Natural Resources
Haiti has a lot of natural resources that the world would love to get their hands on, such as gold, coal, uranium etc. However, these reserves are not easy to tap into and would destroy the Haitian soil, air, water, etc to get to them (Haiti, 2016).…

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