Donald Trump's HR Functions

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Students will give specific examples related to the episode they selection. Challenge students to evaluate whether Donald Trump effectively utilized these practices in the examples they cite, and why or why not.

b. What specific HR functions can you identify one or more of the team leaders use to help manage his or teams on the show? Again, please make sure to give specific answers.

Examples may include team leaders employing human resource strategies, planning labor needs, selecting job candidates, training and development of team members, developing compensation models, appraising performance, building commitment, implementation of high performance work system concepts, identifying and reporting metrics and/or scorecards.

c. Provide a specific example of how HR functions (such as recruiting, selection, interviewing, compensating, appraising, and so on) contributed to one of the participants coming across as particularly successful to Mr. Trump? Can you provide examples of how one or more of these functions contributed to a participant being told by Mr. Trump, “you’re

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