Essay on Guy De Maupassant 's The Necklace

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Guy de Maupassant’s “The Necklace” is a tale about a young woman who struggles with the fact that she was not born in to wealth. Mathilde Loisel is a beautiful girl with a heavily engrained belief that she deserves to be wealthy. She hates her middle class life, and resents her husband who works hard in order to deliver her the life she wants as best he can. He brings her an invitation to a ball being hosted by his boss as an attempt to reconcile their relationship, but Mathilde reacts angrily because she doesn’t have anything fancy to wear. Her husband gives her four hundred francs to spend on a dress, but she later threw another fit because she didn’t have any jewelry to wear either. He sends her to their wealthy friend, Madame Forester, to borrow something for the party. Mathilde falls in love with a beautiful, expensive looking diamond necklace, and is allowed to borrow it. At the ball, she has a wonderful time, sampling the life she believes she deserves. At the end of the night, she notices that she no longer has the necklace. She and her husband scour the streets of Paris, but to no avail. They paid thirty six thousand francs to replace the necklace, and sent themselves into massive amounts of debt all without Madame Forester ever knowing the truth. Ten years later, when the debt was finally paid off, Mathilde confessed to her friend for the replacement necklace. As it turns out, the original necklace was a fake, and the Loisel’s lived a life of poverty and misery for…

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