Essay on Guns Don 't Kill People

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"Guns don 't kill people, people kill people!"(Sean 1) An object can not move or travel to another place unless it’s uses by a person or machine, guns requires a human being to handle. No one touch the gun and it does not hurt anyone. People are fear of guns and violences. No place is safe when there are guns on the street. Shooting can occur any second and people don’t know what’s happening around them. Some people thinks guns are crucial to human life, because it kills people. People should not carry a gun unless they have a properly trained. when bullet hits a person, and gun operates.

Guns can not fire the weapon without a human being to pull the trigger. Every parts in a gun that requires a fully function, if any of these parts are missing or damage. The weapon will not fire in the weapon cause malfunction. The person require to check and service with a special equipment or bring it to gunsmith to fix it. These are gun parts in handgun: hammer(firing pin), trigger handle, ammunition, spring, slider, magazine or clip(to load the gun) and the body(holds all the part in the gun to be function). Each of these parts play a crucial role in a gun. Every parts plays a major line. Some gun has different firing mechanism on it, it depends on what sizes and length of the weapon use.

How does a gun operate? The shooter takes aim at the point of impact. He/she loads a magazine to the gun then charge the weapons, one round serve into a chamber and pulls the trigger, the…

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