Gunmetal Apparel Case Study

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Gunmetal Apparel is committed to saving the environment and giving to community. Therefore, the implementation of recycling and upcycling is part of everyday operations with plans to increase these practices.
Gunmetal believes that recycling, taking a thing back to its cycle so it can be reused instead of thrown way is important to be a positive presence in the corporate world. Recycling plastics into textiles that are used in its designs, the company is trying to help our planet. Upcycling is the process reusing material without degrading its quality and composition and an example of this is using old fabrics from other types of apparel and using them for new clothing. Upcycling improves on recycling
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- We need energy, water, air and different kinds of resources for all life to exist and garbage is not a natural idea, it is a human concept. We will do our best to utilize reusable valuable raw materials and do our best to make a profit in an honest planet friendly mindset; - We will give to charitable causes that are positive forces in the world; and - We will respect and listen to the needs and ideas of our coworkers and customers.
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Upcycling improves on recycling and Gunmetal is partners with Teracycle in its efforts to address the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability. Millions of pieces of waste can be converted because we are valuing the material and marrying it with ingenuity to create. Upcycling also encourages creativity and a new way of looking at consumption and our connection to the world in a new and exciting way and Gunmetal offers financial incentives to schools and associations that participate in upcycling.
Gunmetal believes garbage has value and made consumer eco-friendly products from it and finds ways to make a profit from it. Giving back to charitable organizations who donate items from the profits of the eco-friendly products Gunmetal makes, Gunmetal is removing trash, aiding the environment, and changing the longevity of brands and their equity. In essence, changing the way people and the corporate world think about garbage. Organizations can collect items that would be considered trash and send them in for a donation to Gunmetal

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