Gun Control And The Safety Of The People Essay

1925 Words Feb 27th, 2016 8 Pages
To understand concealed and carry, people need to understand what gun control actually is. “Gun control is the term used to describe how firearms may be legally produced, sold, and used.” (Alters 1). Gun control is the regulation of guns that are being produced and sold. It also controls who can and can 't obtain them, to an extent and how they can be used and modified. For example a person who is a convicted felon cannot purchase or even touch a firearm in any setting or any situation. Gun control can be the reason it is so hard to purchase and own a firearm. The reason there is gun control is for the “safety of the people”. For somebody to buy a gun with a clean record, it can take several weeks for that person to obtain the firearm. In some ways, it is easier for a convicted felon to obtain a firearm off the street than it is for an innocent civilian to obtain a gun.
Although, the topic of gun control can be very sensitive. It can violate the 2nd amendment, which is of course “right to bear arms.” There has been so much in the media about gun control. Most of it does not show what concealed and carry can do in a positive way, but only the negative. Gun control is very laid back. Some people think it is there to have their guns taken away. There are more than enough restrictions on guns, so there for most people that can have guns are safe to be around. This proven claim shows my thesis is correct by having some restrictions on guns, is not stopping criminals from…

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