Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Essay

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Although the United States never declared an official war on North Vietnam, the United State participated heavily in the war because of the Gulf of Tonkin’s Resolution. In the Gulf of Tonkin, the United States’s ship, Maddox, was being attacked by the North Vietnamese. In response to this, Congress and the House of Representatives passed the Gulf of Tonkin’s Resolution. It allowed the President to combat communism in any way he felt would be appropriate for the situation. (2) In the Vietnam War’s case, it was to help South Vietnam by sending in many American soldiers and helping them financially. Some might argue that the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution could be considered an unofficial and informal declaration of war because of the …show more content…
They were confused because the United States government sent American troops into Vietnam, but there was no official declaration of war. (4) There were also Americans believing the United States were in a real war because of the large amounts of casualties after the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. (7) Americans knew what troops were doing in Vietnam, but only from the television, newspaper, and radio’s point of view. Americans saw that the United States increased its financial support to South Vietnam, sent military advisors to train the Southern Vietnamese soldiers, and used the United States Navy to blockade North Vietnam so it could not access supplies at all. (3) The United States was helping South Vietnam defeat North Vietnam so they could combat communism and because South Vietnam was a non-communist country. Since South Vietnam was not a communist country, the Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, was more than happy to trade and help them. (1) The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution was not a war because Congress would have had to vote on a war, and instead of declaring official war and starting World War III, they made a resolution. World War III would have been a possibility because North Vietnam and the United States had many allies, and the domino affect would have started. If one country went to war, they all go to war because of the system of alliances. Before the number of casualties

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