Essay on Guest Speaker - Original Writing

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Guest Speaker:
Mary Stochmal brought such an energetic personality to her presentation and had my attention the minute she started speaking. I cannot say that I currently resonate with Mary, but my personality goals as a future teacher resonate and align with Mary perfectly. I resonate with her, as my aspirations as a teacher are to be funny, outgoing, energetic, easygoing, lots of movement, easily able to pick up the mood of the class, she simply possessed so many traits that I hope to possess one day. The fruit activity was an activity that absolutely had every students attention in the room, it reminded me much of internship when I would find that a concept was hard for the students to learn I would break down the concept and bring up my energy level and find a way to make it much more exciting to help make it stick for the students. From Mary the biggest takeaway was about needing to remember where we came form, we often think that ‘those’ people (immigrants) need to go back from where they came from, but we need to remember that somewhere down the line in our family we came from somewhere else as well.
Alynn Ferstl was another presentation that a thoroughly appreciated, I left the presentation feeling so full of information and confident that I could take majority of her presentation and apply it to even a regular classroom for students who were English speakers. Alynn was one presenter that I saw myself in the most; she was so passionate about making both the teacher…

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