Essay on Guess Who 's Coming At Dinner

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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner was one of the 5 movies in 1967 that was voted for best picture among other awards. The movie’s main point was about a young woman going to college and bringing home her fiancé to meet her parents and to get approval of their marriage. The main thing to look at, was that the fiancé meeting the parents was a man named John Prentice and he was black and the woman was named Joanne Drayton and she was white. Since this movie was heading into the “New Hollywood”, where films had more violence, sex, racial issues, and stronger language, the interracial relationship fit just right in. Then also within the movie, the interracial couple had some relationship to college, and there was quite a few young adults in the movie to appear to the younger new generation. Back in the sixties there was a lot of civil rights tension. In the southern part of the United States, African Americans were not given many rights. This movement was to end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans. In the south during this time African Americans and white Americans were never seen together and had different facilities for colored and white people.
This also took effect in the film industry. Like on page 56 of the Pictures At A Revolution says, “In 1964, black Americans were still virtually invisible in filmed entertainment.” Most black Americans in films didn’t have significant roles, mainly they were playing extras, but never a lawyer or a doctor. The…

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