Gudea Statue

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Art has been a large contributor to sharing the history of our world. We learned this week that it was important to use art in times when not everyone can read or when there is not a common language within a small territory. Both these statues are perfect examples of how artists can show their own interpretation of what is happening in the world around them through their art. Here I will consider the story being told by the artist in both statues.

The first statue is the Royal Acquaintances Memi and Sabu from Egypt. This statue was meant to show the relationship between Memi and his lover Sabu. This can be seen with a few aspects of the statue. First, there is the intimate position between the two. Both people in the statue are
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This statue shows a king or leader in front of his subjects. It is clear that the leader is at peace because there aren’t any indications of anger or control. The statue is shown sitting in a serene position. His hands are folded on his lap showing no hostility. On the contrary, it shows a leader patiently sitting either listening or contemplating. His gaze is also straight and forward showing confidence within his position. It is also important to consider the size of the piece and the body. The sculptor did not make the body or muscles the prevalent part of the sculpture. He focused on the head and the dressings. This points to more of an intellectual piece instead of a physical or aggressive piece. It is also important to consider the writing on the piece. As the description said, the writing referred to the list of temples this leader was fixing and restoring. (Statue of Gudea) This falls in well with the purpose of this statue to show a strong, intellectual, and relaxed leader.

Both of these statues show the importance of eye contact from a statue. They showed confidence or insecurity through the positioning of the eyes. Both statues also demonstrated the historical times reflected in art. That being said, they each showed their own history. One focused on the personal and private life of a leader while the other one focused on the achievements of that leader. I think that it was interesting comparing both statues because

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