Guantanamo Bay-Research Paper

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Research Paper Topic:
With the closing of Guantanamo Bay Prison and CIA prisons used to interrogate alleged terrorists using methods of torture to retain information, should torture continue to be used by the government and is it a useful tool? Identify your position and refer to sources.

Should Torture Continue To Be Used By The Government?

There is always somebody with more information, money, and power. Usually it is the government, for various reasons, that will not give out information regarding torture. Therefore, whatever we see on TV, read in books, hear from other and sometimes experience ourselves will be the only base of our knowledge on this subject. There is not much we can do to change the current situation, because the
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Once torture is authorized, the practice of it will spread unwisely (Stubbs 551). And I am not just talking about global level, but also of domestic examples of violence. We can already give many examples of torture: a husband abusing his wife, a parent beating up his child, etc. Wouldn’t that be considered torture as well? I believe that torture can also be mental without any physical harm. I would also define torture as an act of violence that includes mental or physical abuse, and in most cases has a purpose of obtaining some information.

Recently, I have watched the movie Rendition. Suspected of being a terrorist, Egyptian-born Anwar El-Ibrahim was taken to a secret prison where he was going to be tortured. That was a first movie of this kind for me. I knew torture existed, but never saw these forms: water pouring (on a face), power shocks, and simulated drowning. As I mentioned earlier, all the information we get on this subject from media sources is being censored first. Even the wife – Isabella didn’t know what was happening to her husband. Like one character stated: “The US doesn’t torture, but only gets information” (Rendition). This could be used as a great excuse, but it still doesn’t help the fact that millions of people every day in the world are being tortured under different

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