Guantanamo Bay Censorship Essay

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Conor Lenahan
Professor Lavergne
Proposal for Research Paper
December 9, 2015
Guantanamo Bay and Censorship of the Media The United States is and always will be a beacon of freedom, and fair treatment correct? Not necessarily. The United States has used multiple different torture techniques to extract information. This is not the worst part, The United States government has knowingly censored the media that already has limited access to the base and its many prisons. The activities at the camp that have been censored and need to stop are unlawful and unfair trials, enhanced interrogation techniques, and finally abuse of prisoners inside of Guantanamo Bay, censorship of this base must be brought to a stop because this is not only unethical
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Torture is an act that has been around since the early days of man. Torture is defined by Webster Dictionary as “ the act of causing severe physical pain as a form of punishment or as a way to force someone to do or say something”. Torture is simply a layman term for enhanced interrogation techniques. This means that when someone is “interrogated” the prisoner is being forced to say something that they may not have said if not otherwise forced. In other words it is extremely easy for this system of gathering information to not work properly. For instance one might not give the correct information, or simply say something randomly in order to avoid more physical and mental pain. All in all Censorship of Guantanamo Bay Naval Base Prisons simply doe not work. This is because of the reasons of the abuse of prisoners is simply wrong, unlawful trials, and the fact that enhanced interrogation techniques do not always work. The people of the United States should be outraged that our government would ever consider censoring their actions. Torture is an unlawful and barbaric tactic that is not only simply wrong, but it is illegal. Therefore the United States must not censor the activities that occur at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in

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