Growing Up Bilingual You Develop Super Powers Essay

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Growing up Bilingual you develop super powers. Growing up a bilingual child in an first generation immigrant household you are a super human. Bilingual kids have had years of experience translating. They have mastered the art of merging two cultures. They can explain anything using limited vocabulary. They more than likely would understand a foreign language faster that most people. The only bad thing is none of this can go on their resumes.
I am bilingual. I speak English as well as Somali. My family came to the U.S. when I was about 2 years old so the only things I know about the Somali culture I learned from my family.
So as you can imagine I’ve always had this desire to learn more about the Somali culture and
Somalis history. This desire made my experience as a Somali-American a little confusing.
Before I started attending school I learn English and about American culture through entertainment and my very limited public life. I say very limited because most of the time my mom worked and I was at home with the babysitter. When she wasn’t working she spent a lot of time taking English classes and taking my brother to the library. Also, because my mom didn’t have a car yet I didn’t really get to run errands with her. I always stayed at my Aunts house who luckly for me her kids already knew English so I watched and mimicked them.
When I started preschool things got better. My mom got a car and I went everywhere with her. This gave me more than just the kids at my preschool…

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