Growing Up As A Child Life Essay

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Growing up as a child life appeared to be great. I had the American dream family. A family that consisted of both parents happily married or what appeared to be. My mom strived weekly to make sure my siblings and I grew up in the Church. Whereas when it comes down to my father church was never a necessity. He would attend Church, whenever he felt like it would benefit him the most. As years passed I noticed that my dad became very abusive. Not only was my dad abusive to my mother but he also became abusive to my siblings. As time progress, the abuse got worse and promises stating that things would change were broken. After numerous counseling sessions with my Pastor, my mom finally gained enough courage and filed for a divorce. Earlier on in the semester we discussed the laws in the bible and how the differ. What I found interesting in this situation is how the Laws in the Old Testament are different than the Laws in the New Testament. Although this topic was briefly discussed, after class that day I decided to take the initiative to further my education about the difference in the Laws between the two Testaments. the urge to want to discover the truth to my question is having parents that are divorced, and according to the bible, their reasoning is very reasonable if you followed the Laws. So having parents that are divorced it generates questions about the fact whether or not my parents but mainly mom a Christian that strives daily to be like Christ. If they’re either…

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