Growing Popularity Of Advocacy Industry Essay

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The growth in popularity lead to the establishment and growth in commonality of advocacy consulting firms, community groups, and university planning departments such as the advocacy firm Urban Planning Aid or the Pratt Institute’s Center for Community and Environmental Development . Overall, Jacobs’ influence in community advocacy “showed people around the country that they could fight the urban renewal bulldozer—and win” when empowered enough by the advocacy groups .
Again, even though Jacobs did not touch on the topic of social stratifications and prejudice in North American cities, her influence in the growing popularity of advocacy firms in North America helped to alleviate the gentrification problems caused by the urban renewal movement of the 1960s and 1970s, that some supporters of the program called the “Negro removal .” With the advocacy firms having both losses and successes in the battle against gentrification, all urban designers, community advocates, and community citizens themselves were inspired to “find more community-friendly ways to achieve such goals as improving housing,” or making communities less crime ridden and more aesthetically pleasing in general . Standing issues and problems affecting poverty ridden populations for decades were more often given more attention by the firms, like underfunded schools in highly populated urban areas or tenants’ rights and rent control, giving way to allow the formation of many successful community development…

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