Essay on Groupthink : Viewing And Separating Different Groups

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Viewing and separating different groups defines them to be significant when managing small groups, or a multiple amount. In class it was discussed the different kind of group behaviors; This groups were Social facilitation, social loafing, deindividuation, group polarization, group think, prejudice, stereotype, and discrimination. Each one of these groups is what in others words describes people who they are and how well they can learn from each other. First is, Social facilitation is described as the stronger response in the presence of others. In the book it said "people perform worse when observes or others working on the same task are present. Further studies revealed that the presence of others sometimes helps and sometimes hinders performance" (pg567) This explains to me that when people working alone don’t have the same energy or support, as if they were to be working in pare.

I believe, that when you work with someone on the same task, you know that you can have someone there to back up your ideas and continue. Instead of getting stuck and not being able to finish the work if working alone. Next, Social Loafing is described in the book as "the tendency for people in group to exert less effort when pooling their efforts toward attaining a common goal than when individually accountable(pg566)." In my opinion, this means that a member of a group that only counts in the effort that others have provided in order to succeed and show of the work as theirs.…

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