Evolution Of Group Work Essay

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History of Group Work
Group work is a wide-ranging training implementing the presentation of awareness and ability in operating a group to support an inter-reliant group of people to accomplish their shared objectives, which may be social, interpersonal, or related to the occupation. The history of group work began in the early 1900’s. There were many theorists who contributed to the evolution of group work. A few will be mentioned from the 1900s and a couple will be mentioned that have recently had a considerable effect of the evolution of group work.
In the early 1900s, in the year of 1905, Joseph Hersey Pratt had the first official psychotherapy group experience with patients who embodied tuberculosis. He was one of the first people to
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The idea has been extended into an illustration that is become both a process and a objective. There has currently been more dialog and deliberation relating to group work and social justice; it is evident that the notion and practices that correlate with this illustration will remain. Present and forthcoming themes encompassing social justice and group work will contain the raising of awareness, sanctioning groups, forming communities, classification of social justice, ascription model, and ideological character development. Additionally, there has been an accentuation on the modification of ethics and morals required to manage groups. For instance, in 2009, the AGPA manufactured a document labeled Clinical Practice Guidelines for Group Psychotherapy for associates who practice vigorous, interactional, and relational centered group psychotherapy (Gladding, 2015). Similarly the ASGW modernized its 1999 Manuscript Principles for Diversity-Competent Group Workers into a more all-inclusive and pertinent document, Multicultural and Social Justice Competence Principles for Group Workers (Gladding,

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