Essay on Greek Mythology : The Odyssey And The Iliad

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Greek and Roman societies were polytheistic communities who worshiped multiple gods at the same time. In ancient Greece stories about gods, goddesses, heroes, and monsters were an important part of everyday life. These figures helped explain everything from religious rituals to climate change. These figures and beliefs gave meaning of the world to the citizens in the Greek Culture. In part the Roman Culture often emulated the myths and legends that had originated in Greek culture. Through examining the similarities and differences between the gods and goddesses portrayed in each society enables reflection of the impacts these cultures have upon the modern. The oldest sources of Greek mythology are the two epic poems written by Homer: the Odyssey and the Iliad, although the origins of the world and the effort to explain the nature, the surroundings and the very essence of Greek mythology itself, lies at the texts of Hesiod, especially Theogony: “At the beginning, there was chaos” he said, explaining the Genesis of the world, the birth of Gods, the order of rulers, the origins of human woes. Theogony is still considered the basis of the Greek mythology. Hymns, poems, tragedies, plays, arts, artists, everyone tried to explain and reproduce the myths about the Gods, about heroes such as Hercules and Thiseas, about important kings, such as Minos, about the wars of the gods, the wars of the people. Similarly the oldest sources of Roman mythology was The Aeneid depicts the epic…

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