Graphic Designing Over The Past Years Essay

834 Words May 27th, 2016 4 Pages
Graphic designing over the past few years has become a very well known career and business opportunity for many people. The business and career of digital design has been increasing over the years, leaving many job opportunities to people that are interested in changing the color of the world. Graphic designing is when ideas and thoughts are put together to create visuals. Graphic designing can be used in order to express ideas or communicate in a peaceful manner. This could be done by making posters, advertisements, graphics or maybe even with motion visuals. The business of graphic designing plays a big role in our generation because of all the newest technology that has changed how the world works today. Without the digital design businesses, technology wouldn’t be as modern as it is today. This career and business have many trends that affect it and that have changed them throughout the years. Globalization is a trend that has had a big affect on many careers around the world. Globalization consists of new ideas, traditions and cultures that people from other parts of the world come up with. Graphic design is the most affected career by globalization. Variety in culture in one’s country is a big part in globalization. As these new ideas, traditions and cultures pile up to be shown to the world, new graphic designers (newcomers) just tend to learn the modern art and designs. All graphic designers should be able to learn and study art from the past centuries. If graphic…

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