Grant Proposal Essay

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Proposal Structure:
a) Summary or Abstract (250 words)
b) Background and Significance of the research topic or focus
c) Specific Aims or Objectives of the Research Project
d) Methodology, including research design, target population, sampling issues, IRB, data collection methods and analysis etc
f) Resources, including specific locations for the study, personnel and facilities available or will be required to complete the research project


Target Population

As data presented earlier in the background section of this report, it is highly noticeable the large impact that HIV/AIDS has placed on the sex workers population of Papua New Guinea (PNG). There have been many studies conducted that have linked and confirmed
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For this study the target population will consist of FSWs in the range of 18-50 years of age due to the illegality of sex work in PNG, despite this, sex work is common and visibly practiced in the country. Female sex workers are mostly driven to the trade due to financial hardships. Most FSW are poorly educated with only 3-7 years of formal education leading to an illiteracy rate of 26%-36%. Therefore, many of the female sex workers are engaging in sex work for a living.

There have been studies attempting to number the population of FSWs in PNG but no definitive numbers have been given. Anecdotally, there is an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 FSW in Port Moresby with speculation that the population is much higher because most of the sex trade is conducted underground due to the legal, political and social environment in Port Moresby.

Street Outreach and Recruitment
Female sex workers of Port Moresby will be recruited through street outreach programs where known sex work is engaged such as “the post office, markets, grassy fields, guests houses, public parks and wharfs where they solicit for sex in the late afternoon.” The research team will be accompanied by a local staff who speaks the native language and can better guide the research team, specifically where to recruit FSWs for the study. Preferably these local guides would have inside knowledge of the sex trade in Port Moresby or even as former female sex

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