Grant And Lee - Great Generals Who Was The Superior Leader? Essay

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Grant and Lee were both great generals who. Who was the superior leader? Lee was a “text book” general; he followed rules and strategies reflecting his education. Grant, on the other hand, was a more impulsive general (Mcleod) Indifferent to rules; he followed what he thought best. They are complete opposites on how they wage war. How do you judge the superior leader? They came from completely different backgrounds. Lee is the superior leader because of his tactical skill, engineering knowledge, and ability to wage war with the disadvantage of having a lack of men, and material.
They have completely different backgrounds. Robert Edward Lee was born in January 1807, in Stratford Hall, Virginia. He was the son of Henry Richard Lee, also known as “Light Horse Harry”, and Ann Hill Carter Lee (Mcleod). Being in aristocratic Virginia, he lived a very privileged life (Thomas). After high school he went on to attend West Point and would graduate with no demerits, an impossible feat. He would graduate as an engineer and would work as an engineer for the army. When the Mexican-American War broke out, he would join the army. Grant was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio to his parents, Jessie and Hannah Grant. His father expected many things from Grant. He wanted him to be businesslike and better than what he was. His father thought he would be a failure. Grant was average in every subject but was superior with a horse. He would barely make it into West Point and attend West Point with…

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