My Grandmother Interview Essay

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My grandmother is the individual who I decided to interview. Her name is Dolores Griffith and she is from 88 years old. She was born in the year 1932 in Chicago, Illinois. She was a single child with no siblings. She was raised by her mother and father who stayed together her whole life. My great grandfather passed away at the age of 69, but my great grandmother lived until she was 93 years old. In my grandmother’s home growing up, both sex and sexuality talk around the house was something that was never spoken of. She never had the talk from her parents, except with her mother saying to “always be a lady”. She explains that to be a lady meant to wait until marriage and not be with alone with a man, because if you were left alone with a man, people might start to think bad things. When asked about her views on how society viewed sexuality today, she answered that it was very different. She went into detail about how she will not watch a lot of modern TV shows because of their crudeness. Dolores said that she won’t even watch some news stations because of the content that they show. She tends to only watch old movie channels or the TVland channel. When asked about …show more content…
The little that they did talk about it was to state what is right and wrong. It was wrong to have premarital sex, and it was wrong to be gay. But the church did not go into details about why. She does not believe that there is a place for gay people in the church. She says if they want to choose a different religion she is fine with that, but she believes that the church should not accept them. When asked about sex and gender Dolores was confused because she believed they were the same thing, a man and a women. She said that the other stuff was simply made up for attention. When asked if she had any comments about the questionnaire, she said “I hope this is not what your studying to become in

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