Grameen Danon Research Essay

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_____________________________________________1.0 Executive Summary
This research purposes to find out the problems in decreasing sales of Grameen Denone Shokti Doi. Following the social business concept, French based food and beverage company Denon started its operation by making an agreement with Grameen group which is named as Grameen Danon. Grameen Danon launched in 2006 and they officially launched their 1st package of product named Shokti doi as the main concern of Shokti doi is to provide nutrition to the poor children of Bangladesh which can able to fulfill their nutritional requirements. As they started their business they have faced lots of obstacles such as the lack of proper distribution, non-standardized management along with
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We have made the questionnaire by matching our hypothesis as well as our research objectives. This questionnaire’s were provided straightly to the respondents and we the recorded the collected data and tested it through SPSS. We have chosen respondents within the population who were representative of our target segments. We tried our best to make the report realistic and logical within some limitations even. We think that Shoktidoi have a huge opportunity to build a strong position among the countries if they can serve the customers according to their expectation.

_______________________________________________2.0 Grameen Danone
On 16 March 2006, the Grameen Group and Groupe Danone joined forces to create a new Bangladeshi-based company, Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. This unique initiative is intended to combine Groupe Danone’s expertise in the field of healthy foods with that of the Grameen Group, set up by the founder of the Grameen Bank, a specialist in micro-credit for the poor and economic development. Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. aims to offer healthy food to Bangladesh’s least well off, who often suffer from nutritional deficiencies, and to fight poverty by establishing a unique, “proximity-based” business model. One of the main objectives of Grameen Danone Foods Ltd. is to promote local business activity and to indirectly create jobs in the agricultural industry, or in sales and distribution. To ensure the initiative’s long-term success, the idea is to

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