Essay about Graduation Speech : The Concert I Attended

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In my lifetime i have experianced alot of memoriable moments, so its a little hard to pick the one that i enjoyed the most, so if i have to choose it would be a concert i attended back in 2010. The concert i attended in 2010 was Anthony Green , if you listen to acoustic music im sure you know who he is , he is a amazing singer/songwriter that not only myself but others can relate to on a personal level. i will never forget al lthe trouble i went through just to make sure i got a ticket , turns out that same day they had almost sold out when everyone found out he was coming to my hometown here in Elpaso.The tickets for Anthony Green were already a little pricey to begin with ,160 dollars may not seem alot to some people but when you have a million bills to pay and not alot of money to work with it is difficult. I was scavenging through my room trying to see if i could find any sort of money, needless to say i had no luck, so i glanced over and saw my new flatscreen T.V i had purchased just a couple months ago and in that moment i had realized what i had to do to get my ticket. Without any hesitation i got into my black hyndai and drove off to the nearest pawnshop. Anyone that has ever been to a pawnshop knows they dont really give you your moneys worth, they give you not even half of what you are pawning is worth . I get to the pawnshop its sunny outside and i have the most positive mindset, i get to the front counter to have this young lady help me , she is a petite olive…

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