Graduation Speech : Teaching Would Be A Breeze Essay

1003 Words Apr 3rd, 2016 null Page
Introduction I assumed that substitute teaching would be a breeze. I asked myself how difficult could it be for a responsible, intelligent, a Christian teacher of adults and youth, 55+ year old career changing graduate student to enter a classroom and deliver pre-written lessons? Before making this statement of I can do this my field of study is in Addiction Counseling, graduating with a Master’s not knowing that the 3,000 intership hours are without pay. Working at a bank I quite so that I could work out a schedule for the intership and just land another job. Four months later no job, no money coming in and every day I was running a great distant to an office I got no money from. This one day as I was driving to the office, I saw a sign that interest me: Nursey school needs a teacher assisted. I stopped and inquired the owner of the business looked at my resume and said “no way could she hire me, the school district are in need of teachers and she gave me an agency number to call. Then said I am sorry, your qualification is more than what I have in education”. I did as she stated and found subsection teachers ' jobs in the state of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. A course, my own state New Jersey required more than the other state so I went to the state of Pennsylvania. The agency hired me and also got me certified by the state of Pa. My bachelors degree is an Interdispcilary degree and during my studies I taught education classes, but I just never looked into…

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