Graduation Speech : Senior Year Essay

971 Words Oct 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Senior year has a different structure for everyone, some view it as a time to complete extra credits for college, to prepare to enter into the work force while others view it as a time to relax before they take the next step of life. No matter which path they choose all seniors will have one thing in common, soon the 'll all be in the real world and facing real world problems. In most cases a graduating senior can find the slope of a line and even find the midpoint between two points, but are clueless when it comes to balancing a checkbook and how credit card fees and interest work. According to the standard 24 credit diploma outline students are required to take 4 math credits, of which must include Algebra 1 and Geometry. Unfortunly most schools don 't offer a financial literacy course and if the school does have some kind of economic course, it is only worth half of a credit and lasts half of the year. A majority of teens aren 't informed enough to budget their money so schools should not only teach a financial literacy course but it should be increaseed to a full year. As we get older we are expected to just wake up one day and automatically know how to build and manage a budget or how to deal with debt, but the sad truth is financial literacy is just like any other activey that requires practise. Well into adulthood, many adults still stress out about their finances, one major advantage to adding a financial literacy course to a high school senior 's…

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