Graduation Speech : School Bathroom And Under The Bleachers Essay

2337 Words Mar 28th, 2016 10 Pages
A group of teenagers are starting high school the next day, and they are nervous they won’t fit in. They consult an older sibling, and he replies, and assuages their fears, by saying that they should drink a couple of beers before school; after all, that;s the cool thing to do. The fourteen year olds listen to the eighteen year old big brother, and they start their high school career with high hopes, fantastic dreams, and horrible hangovers. Flash forward to junior year, AP Exams are coming up and the SAT is looming in their immediate futures. The same group of nervous seventeen year olds turn to partying and drinking to get their minds off the daunting tasks ahead of them, and they lose themselves in the amber liquid courage and shiny red solo cups. This heavy drinking is their little secret, a secret that separates them from adults and makes them feel safe. They would never tell their parents, and this secretive drinking continues in the school bathroom and under the bleachers. It’s senior year now, and this haggard group of eighteen years olds failed the SAT, failed college exams, and failed to meet graduation standards. They wander listlessly, and they searched futilely for jobs at fast food chains or nightclubs; however, they have no luck. Their wonderful dreams of being doctors or lawyers are crushed, and they no longer dream of saving the world. No, all they dream about is the next shot of vodka. This trend continues for five more years, and the now twenty three year…

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