Essay on Graduation Speech - Original Writing

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As I walked into the classroom, I was immediately stuck by the noise. Sounds resonated from every corner of the room in discordant refrain, inflecting a deafening blow on my still-waking ears. “Welcome to morning in Pre-K”, I thought. While soaking up the sound, I followed the secretary who had led me to the classroom to meet the classroom teacher. She looked young and kind, the secretary securing this perception with her stamp of approval, “This is Mrs. Davis. She’s a great teacher”. The secretary then left, along with two other teachers who had been in the classroom assisting the arriving students. Myself, Mrs. Dennis, and another teacher were now the only adults remaining in a sea of students rushing to get food. As ninety-nine percent of students attending the school, called the Takoma Education Campus, is eligible for free lunch, the entire school is given free lunch under Title I funding. Seeing my eager yet nervous expression, Mrs. Dennis smiled at me and said, “Welcome! This is actually so great, my assistant teacher is out today, and I just have a substitute—how long can you stay?”. I immediately realized the implications of what she was saying: I was not here to observe; I was here to work. Starting first with breakfast, I assisted as every student sat down in energized morning excitement to eat the pancakes being served. Any students who finished early were directed to a table of books, which they looked at together in wide-eyed wonder. This kept the…

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