Graduation Speech : New Years Resolution Essay

816 Words Jan 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Lively Jumping into the year of 2016, many individuals chose to have a New Years resolution, but I want to live by one word throughout the year. I want to be lively. Be adventurous, make new friends, and do things out of the ordinary. Work on getting out of my comfort zone to do things that make me leave a mark on the place I am now, which is high school. Becoming a lively individual, being full of life and having an outgoing personality. In the year to follow, I want to become a individual who is lively, learning to live and love what I 'm doing for myself and others. Being a person who is full of life to me looks like a happy person, lives life to the fullest, and never has a negative attitude towards anything. And that 's who I want to become throughout the year. Doing things to better myself for the future. In the first few months of 2016, I will be enjoying what will soon be the end of my high school career. As that ending comes closer, I will be leaving all of the students my age and moving on to something that is greater is going to be a struggle. Both mentally and emotionally. For the remainder of the time I spend here I want to become a more outgoing student, by opening up to those who I would normally never talk to, while enjoying the time I spend with the ones I 'm fairly close with. Knowing that I only have a few short months with these students puts me in a state of great sadness, affecting how strong of an individual I am. Mentally I feel like it 's going…

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