Essay on Graduation Speech : My Life

1000 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 null Page
Prompt #1
I was born on June of 1998 in Lynwood, California to an 18 year old woman who had to work and go to college to give me a good future. I am the daughter of a US citizen mother and an immigrant father. Where my first language at home was Spanish and then came English. I am a proud Catholic Mexican young lady who was taught that family comes first and to never forget that I am lucky to have a family who cares about me. All my life I was told to work hard and become someone in life, to create for myself a bright future. I was born into a family were struggle and sacrifice has been their way of living but having a warm meal every day for diner was their number one priority. During my early high school years I never really acknowledged the thought of even attending college, yes maybe there was a possibility of going to community college but the chances were very slim. Then, I was hit with reality when my father was sent to jail and deported months later. It was sophomore year in high school and my life was as best as it could get for a fifteen year old girl, no worries and no major responsibilities. My second semester of sophomore year my father was incarcerated and the sight of him in handcuffs, getting to see him in the weekends behind a glass window and talking through a phone was heartbreaking. My life hasn’t been the same since. I realized that the provider for my family wasn’t going to be around for a while and being the eldest of six I had to step up and help my…

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