Graduation Speech : Middle School And The Beginning Of My High School

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When I was in middle school and the beginning of my high school years, my attitude was horrible. For a fact, I know that I am not the same person I was a year ago. I am more considerate and caring. I usually just go about my days worrying about myself. I am also more social. My freshman year of college, I just went to class and went to my room. I did not participate in any activities. Now, I actually participate in the activities and attend the events that they have on campus, and sometimes off campus.

Five years ago I was most likely in the 7th grade. My attitude has gotten so much better. For example, if something was to go wrong or someone did a terrible thing in my regards I would react without allowing them to explain. I was a bomb waiting to explode. Also, if things didn’t go my way I would not want to participate and throw tantrum as if I was three years old. As of today, if something doesn’t go my way I just accept it and make the best of whatever the situation is.

Ten years ago I was nine years old. I was in elementary school and I was a talkative person. Especially in class, I would complete all of my work and didn’t have anything else to do. Therefore I would talk to whoever is around me. That would get me put out of class. My grandparents would ask the teachers to give me more assignments, but I knew it wasn’t going towards my overall grade. So, I would still talk while completing my busy work. Now, in college, if I talk more than my professors I know the…

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