Essay on Graduation Speech : High School

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When I was in junior high, up to my sophomore year in high school I never cared about school or my grades until I was expelled from coon rapids high school for allegedly distributing marijuana to other students. I was then transferred to an alternative school called Crossroad which I hated because I felt like I was around dumb criminals all day. Later that year I had an IEP meeting at my new school at the time, with my family, case manager and principle of crossroad and talk about my how I can graduate on time, I later found out during the meeting I was a year behind on credits! That was the breaking point for me, that’s when I made the decision to take school seriously and make it my first priority. I started working hard as I possible could I started staying after school going to the library and studying much as could. I eventually was transferred by to coon rapids and worked my ass off even harder and graduated on time. I 've always felt like I was decent writer but I knew I needed a lot more improvement, but being in your English 0890 section 02 class I feel it has help with my writing, I 've learned a lot in your class, yet I have yet to master how to use punctuations properly in my writing, but I believe I’m improving as you can in the differences between my assignment’s I 've done early this semester and my recent work.
One my biggest habits is procrastinating way too much. I procrastinate a lot, especially if I get to my free time to my myself, I usually start…

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