Graduation Speech : High School Diploma

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Although I didn’t earn my high school diploma like the rest of my classmates, I was able to earn my GED without preparation, all because I believed in myself and imagined being successful. If I believe in myself, I can achieve anything. “Imagination is considered "a power of the mind," "a creative faculty of the mind," "the mind" itself when in use, and a "process" of the mind used for thinking, scheming, contriving, remembering, creating, fantasizing, and forming opinion” (Lacan’s Division). By using the power of my mind and imagining a successful outcome, I was able to achieve my goal and pass the test. Achieving this goal of passing my GED taught me the importance of believing in myself and my abilikty to achieve the goals that I set in life.
Although there were many obstacles that prevented me from earning my high school diploma, I didn’t allow these things to discourage me from achieving other goals. Throughout my high school years, I was constantly moving and changing schools. This lead to all kinds of issues with my academic records and school transcripts being transfered. To make a long story short, the errors within my transcript prevented me from graduating high school. While this was a frustrating experience, it taught me a lot about myself. Instead of being discouraged, I decided to test for my GED without any preparation. Earning my GED upon the first time I tested, without any preparation, taught me the importance of believing in myself. I believed I could

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