Essay on Graduation Speech : First Generation College Students

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Often, First Generation College Students apply only to a single college and do that without help. They can’t afford multiple application fees and they are unsure of how to determine a good fit, as their parents have not taken them on the college tour. Most of these students choose a college that is closest to their location so that they can save money by commuting to campus.
Many First Generation College Students fill out the financial aid form themselves; this might affect students’ eligibility for financial aid if they feel in the wrong information. They often do not know if they qualify for grants or scholarship they can receive from the school; they often miss out on numerous opportunities to receive a form of scholarship. First Generation Students may arrive to college with fewer resources and more academic needs making them the targets for discrimination. These groups of students may not know and utilize all the resources that are offered on campus for them to use to maximize their learning. For first-generation poor and working-class college students, surviving the social challenges of higher learning can be at least as demanding as achieving a high grade point average. To increase the odds that first-generation students with low-socioeconomic status backgrounds will persist and prosper in college, it is vital that their chosen schools offer them an adequate social support system throughout their stay. I was able to interview three first year students Jose,…

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