Graduation Speech : Elementary School Essay

1323 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Have you ever felt like numbers or exams defined you and planned your future for you? I have, all my life I was defined by simple numbers from when I was a baby to now that I am an adult whether it was my GPA or my score on a test or the score they give a new born baby on how fast they cry or react to a stimulate. For once in my life I would want something else to define me rather than just a couple of numbers.
As little kids barely entering school we are encourage to do our best. We are inspired and rewarded when we do something right but, as teenagers and adults we are required to know things already. When I was in elementary school we would have to do an exam that the schooling system called benchmarks. Even at a young age we were required to take an exam every month. The difference from now to back then was that we were encouraged, we were pushed to do our best and be the best. When we didn’t understand something we were able to raise our hand and ask question without being scared that people would judge us for asking. Now you ask a question and everyone just stares at you like you are from another planet and I’m guessing that’s how a lot of students didn’t learn things. They were to scared especially when your teacher would say “you are supposed to know this already” but when your last teacher before said “you would learn this next year.” Honestly I loved taking exams in elementary school because I felt more encourage I wasn’t nervous or scared. I remember when I was…

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