Graduation Rate Since The 1960 ' S Essay

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In light of growth with the overall graduation rate since the 1960’s lot of students from the U.S. are rapidly leaving school with a high school diploma. According to predictors, one million kids dropout. The word dropout is define as an individual who do not complete high school or obtain a General Education Development (GED). A youth’s future and economic outcome will be affected by little to no education. Two issues that are destine for someone that drops out is (1) living in poverty, (2) earning less money than their counter parts (Hawkins, Jaccard, and Needle, 2013). Consequently by not completing high school; it may be difficult to find adequate employment and will earn lower wages. This can also become a generational issue as well. The cycle of little to no education will become something that cannot easily be broken without proper direction. When the parent(s) talk to their children about completing high school and pursuing higher education there will be a greater chance for the child to going to college (Hawkins, Jaccard, and Needle, 2013). Data collected over a 36 year period by the National Center on Education Statistics show that rates of high school completion have improved for all ethnicity groups, dropout rates have been consistently higher for Latinos (Chapman and Laird, 2011). The dropout rate for Latinos in 2008 was 18.3% and for blacks it was 9.9%. These rates was substantially lower for Non-Hispanic Whites 4.8% and Asian/Pacific Islanders 4.4% (Chapman…

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