Grade Inflation And High School Essay

1427 Words Jul 15th, 2016 6 Pages
Everyone always says that college is different than high school. They say you become more independent, it is harder, scarier, and so on. There are many things said and projected about college. One that is true about college being different than high school is the grading process. In high school teachers can be tough graders, but usually have a basic grading process. While in college, professors are grading harder or easier so they do not lose their jobs. Grade inflation is becoming a major issue in college it seems. In the articles, Grade Inflation Gone Wild by Stuart Rojstaczer and Doesn’t Anybody Get a C Anymore by Phil Primack speak upon grade inflation and grading in college. Grade inflation is seen as a problem. Grading depends on the teacher or professor and their grading scale, grading inflation is not a problem and all the professors want is for their students to succeed. In Grade Inflation Gone Wild, Rojstaczer explains grade inflation in his point of view. He explains how he looks at graphs on grade inflation and sees that grades have been going up. With this, he infers that college students go into class without being prepared and going in thinking they will get a B+ or better (Rojstaczer 6). Tied to this he starts with a perception that college students get bored with few hours filled learning and began to drink. His solution is a two-step process. One schools need to admit that there is a problem. Next, they need to “implement policies or guidelines” to…

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