How Did Grace Kelly Influence Society

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Grace Kelly: An Iconic Actress
Acting her way through her success, Grace Kelly, an American actress, caught her audience’s attention with her direct symbol of excitement in the film The Country Girl (Gevinson 659). She was known for all the shows she was in. Kelly changed the acting communities by her various performances and created the iconic characters that she was known for. After retiring her profession, she continued to help America through her fame. Grace Kelly, a talented American actress who starred in many movies, created a positive influence on the American woman through her beauty and etiquette as a hardworking mother that committed to her responsibilities.
Grace Patricia Kelly was born on November 12th, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to the parents of John Henry Kelly and Margaret Majer Kelly (“Grace Kelly” Encyclopedia 174). Her family valued achievement in their household and wanted all the children to have their own individual talent (“Grace Kelly” St. James). Kelly preferred ballet, reading, and the study of theatrical arts over an athlete involved in hockey or swimming (“Grace Kelly” Encyclopedia 174). She went to the Catholic Ravenhill Academy and later transferred to
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Kelly changed how the world viewed woman in the acting communities. She was responsible for the Princess Grace Foundation that helped foster young children with the enthusiasm for creative arts. Her actions with the youth helped spread the love for the needy. The movies that Kelly performed as the perfect housewife helped woman find ways to act as a classy lady in this time. If Kelly had not starred in eleven movies in just five years, perhaps she would have never been famous to the point where she could make a difference inside America (“Grace Kelly” Encyclopedia 175). Her profession shaped herself into the beautiful talented woman she is known as

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