Essay on Government Enforcement Of Mining Regulation

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Government have a fundamental responsibility in regulating mining jobs and activities, especially activities that are prone to adverse reaction or effect on human lives and their communities. This is not the case in the United States where studies have found a great laxity in government enforcement of mining regulation. In addition, the safeguard of the public interest in terms of management of public owned interest and exploitation must be protected by the government. The apparent permissiveness in enforcing uranium regulations, the public as well as the government have had to contend with the negative environmental impacts of uranium mining.
Since the 1940s, the United States started the uranium industry in Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico where the Indian Reservation was, and where Navajo men and women lived. The Uranium production was a booming and lucrative business, because uranium was a useful by product for the production of fuel used for the nuclear power plant. The true health risks facing the mining workers were not established back then, but the impacts was realized decades later, even after the closure of the mines. In this present day, public perception on uranium mining is that it is extremely risky; thus requiring heavy governmental regulations and involvement. In light of the public health concerns of radon gas and its decay product exposure; this can lead to lung cancer in miners (Wolcott, 2014). A number of epidemiologic studies have sought to…

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