Government Data Collection Of The Nsa Essay

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Government Data Collection Even our own government is exploiting the Internet. The National Security Agency, a branch of the United States government, serves exactly that purpose. The NSA is an intelligence organization that specializes in codebreaking to provide secret information to branches of the United States government and military (National Security Agency 2011). Most people did not know much about the NSA until recently. In 2013, Edward Joseph Snowden was an analyst, contracted to work for the NSA, and what he saw while working with the NSA terrified him. Edward Snowden leaked the information, about what the NSA was doing to the public and then fled the country. Snowden’s actions are surrounded by controversy. Due to these actions, Snowden has been labeled a patriot by some and a traitor by others. According to Snowden, and the documents he has leaked to the public, the NSA has gained access to millions of emails, and other forms of electronic data, using a program called PRISM.
In the documentary, Citizenfour, Snowden described the extent that the NSA has accomplished with PRISM. Edward Snowden tells Ewen MacAskill, a correspondent for The Guardian, “There is an infrastructure in place in the United States, and worldwide, that the NSA has built, in cooperation with other governments as well, that intercept basically every digital communication, every radio communication, every analog communication that it has sensors in place to detect. And with these…

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