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Mission Statement
Google is a global technology leader whose primary efforts are enhancing the ways in which people connect with information. Google’s mission as stated on their website is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful (Google, 2016). Google’s overarching mission statement is broad but directly expresses their target market and goal. Their mission statement successfully answers what they are in business for and what they hope to achieve.
Google’s mission statement is the basis for their corporate strategy. Their strategy involves acquisition, diversify, innovation, and human capital. The majority of Google’s revenue is generated from ads. The other portion of their income is derived from acquisitions. Google docs, Google Earth, Google Android operating system, YouTube are products that have expanded Google’s market. The acquisition of new companies and products has also diversified Google. Google has set itself apart from their competition by offering an array of congruent products that complement their search engine. Their search engine is a one stop shop that allows it’s users to search all their categories or narrow it down by a category. These categories are news, maps, videos, images, shopping, books, flights, and apps. Along with these categories you can check your email, manage your calendar and update your contacts. Google continues to diversify its market by adding services…

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