Essay Google Free Food Strategy

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Google Free Food Strategy
Franklin Seldon
Business Management
Professor: Brian Grizzell

Google Free Food Strategy
The Google culture can be defined as the most positive, influential, all encompassing, productivity- inducing environments. They maintain a casual and democratic environment in the office. The company maintains a limited number of upper management teams, in order to make the low level employees feel free to be innovative.
Google’s mission statement is to organize the worlds information and make it universally accessible and useful. Google believes that building great products depends on great people. Google has consistently shown that. Google believes these 10 things to be true. They wrote these things down when they were
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Google, Inc. is awarded as the “Best Company to Work for” by Fortune Magazine in 2014. The types of employees that work for google are more creative and think outside of the box all the time. Their focus is on quality and not on quantity. Google embraces a diverse workplace with employees from all cultures, as well as genders. The company wants it to be a place which brings smart, talented people from diversified background, who can bring all of their whole bring to work with them. Their qualities are expertise, taking responsibility for solving complex problems and moving with the team, ability to learn, to pick up new things.
Google approach towards leadership has always been laissez-faire policy. In the words of Laszlo Block, “Our best managers have teams that perform better, and retained better, are happier- they do everything better. So the biggest controllable factor that we could see was the quality of the manager, and how they sort of made things happen. (Google’s Quest to Build a Better Boss, 2011 Google SVP for Human Resources)

Free Services and Amenities
Google brings a data driven approach that is reinventing the human resources field. (Google Careers) Google is known for it distinctive perks and benefits which shows what extreme lengths the company can go to make its employees happy. Google offers benefits

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