Google Corporation, An American Research Company Essay

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- Google Corporation is an American research company was established in 1998. Founders of the company are Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Google company is a affiliated of the Holding Company for alphabet in terms Enterprises had to contend with more than 70% of the Search queries on the Internet throughout world. Google Company based in Mountain View, California. Google was initially online research company, but now provides over 50 services, related to the Internet and products such as e-mail, document creation via the Internet, the software for mobile phones and computers. Google research tool is the original and fundamental around the world. Google containing a very wide portfolio of goods that makes it one of the greatest four impressive firms in the market of high-tech and influential in the global market, such as Apple, IBM, and Microsoft. Any company should have a training and development program to help improving the system in company.
• The difference between training and development :
• Training It is the regulatory activity designed to transmit information and guidance in order to performance improvement of the recipient or assist in order to attain the needed level of knowledgeable and skill. It 's also a way to prepare the employee to perform a particular task by providing it with sufficient information concerning task. Development s a regular use of scientific knowledge and technology to achieve the objectives and specific requirements. It is also an spread of…

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