Goodfellas Film Approach

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1. Define in one detailed page each of the following four (A thru D) approaches to film analysis. Be certain to identify any individuals associated with each approach. Be thorough in your answers.
Auteur Approach: This is a filmmaking theory in which the film director is perceived a creative force in the motion picture. The theory has its bearing form France in late 1940s.Auteur theory as was named by Andrew Sarris, an American Film critic is an outgrowth of Andre Bazin and Alexandre Astruc cinematic theories. The basis of this theory is that the director is in an exclusive and irreplaceable position of an artistic angle and that the film is a mare product of that perspective
Genre Approach: The approach is based specific interest to literacy
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Known to direct gangster films, in his movie ‘Gangs of New York, he based on a personal story in which he used artistic liberties with persona and dates based on gang rings that reigned in the 1860s. ‘Goodfellas,’ is however of a true story of Henry Hill, a member of the New York-based mafia branch.
The lead character in the movie, Goodfellas is a hard-working person who toiled to make his success a reality. Based on connections he made, Henry Hill is a smart schemer who associates with people he perceived as key to helping him achieve power and control over the gang leadership more so those within the Lucchese family. He won the heart of his gang bosses by his complete disregard to the rule of law, and his undying ability to keep quiet. Hill showed affection to people he cares about and this is seen in the manner he was devastated by the death of
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It was a battle for control of tuft, battle for identity, respect, and power. During his time, Vallon’s father an Irish immigrant followed fate that befell the blacks during the civil war. The movie climate is based on the history and climate of the five points neighborhoods during the time. The view of the Americans towards Irish was appalling often demonized in the newspaper as drunk, uncivil and hostile creatures that were unwanted to the nation. This was said by Bill the butcher in the quote, “I don’t see no American, I see trespassers.” Upon his demise, Amsterdam Vallon is determined to fight for the identity of the Irish immigrants; he forces his face to accomplish what he opines that his father failed to do

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