Good Minus God: Eethical Essay: Morals Without God

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Morals Without God
There are many theists in the world, whether they be Christian or Islamic, but they all believe in some form of god. Whether it be Allah or Ra, they still follow a “moral code of conduct,” instructed to them by the divine. Atheists are harassed by theists, trying to denounce that the atheists are a cruel people because they don’t have a god to set morals for them. However, atheists set morals based on those around them, and basic human principles. Atheists have morals without a god. Atheists have obligations to follow morals. According to Louise M. Antony in the article “Good Minus God,” “Atheism is the view that the only kind of “obligation” there could possibly be is the kind that is disciplined by promise of reward
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According to Frank Zindler, atheists still are subject to the same ideas presented in sociology, psychology, and neurophysiology. Atheists don’t base morals on the idea of a god, rather on the laws and rules put in place in society. Atheists have think this way because by disobeying these laws, they will get punished by the theists who think that their law is the word of God. If the atheists condemn the laws, then theists will actively oppose them. The fact that atheists follow the laws set by theists clearly shows that atheists can have morals without …show more content…
In reality, nihilists know right from wrong just as much as theists do. According to the Encyclopedia of Philosophy, nihilism is “The belief that all values are baseless and that nothing can be known or communicated,” whereas atheists are described as “A person who does not believe that God or a divine being exists.” Nihilists are the ones who find no meaning in life, whereas atheists just don’t believe in an existence of a divine being. Nihilists are the vocal minority of atheism. Nihilists are the ones that will commit what theists consider injustices, because they can’t find a purpose, whereas atheists know what they are and aren’t supposed to do, and follow

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